Will a tighter CFD spread really have an impact on your trading?

You bet it will !

Tight spreads mean more intraday trading opportunities, better open and close prices for increased profit potential while reducing the size of the market movement it takes for your position to be in profit

Our pricing which aims to be 'exchange or better' is suitable for traders of all skills and sizes, including institutional traders and brokers via FIX API.

Available on both the ECN or Institutional account types, make the switch and experience tighter CFD pricing today!

Get the price you see and want

Tight CFD prices and fast fills

Global Prime uses the world's fastest non-bank market makers who speciallise in Indices and Commodities trading to give you the tightest prices and best execution.

0.0pips Spreads From
1ms Execution From
60+ Markets
$0 Fee Deposit & Withdrawal
1:200 Up To
$200 Min Deposit
We walk the walk with

Post-trade transparency

We give traders tools which have previously only been available to institutional traders. This is how real traders keep their brokers and trading counterparties honest. This is how Global Prime gives you the edge over the competition.

We show you which liquidity provider executed your order, the latency for every hop and leg of the trade, the slippage, spread and market depth.

A broker that gets out of your
way and doesn’t interfere

Micro lot trading

Trade from 10c per point on FX and Metals and $1 on Indices.

24/5 markets

Trade global markets when it suits you - 24/5.

No restrictions

No brakes on trading. Scalper, HFT, news trader & EA friendly.

Low minimum deposit

Top up with as little as $1. Flexible position sizes cater for all traders.

Zero fee funding

We don't charge for deposits or withdrawals from your trading account - ever.

Instant payments

We have a range of deposit methods to get money to your account - free & instantly!

Recent reviews from real traders

"I’ve tried other brokerage firms and all have fallen short of what we require as an all-round partner for our trade execution. Thin spreads, instant trade execution and minimal brokerage costs are crucial to our profitability. Simplified account opening and reliable and efficient Customer Service helps build the confidence between us and our clients. We found all this and more at Global Prime."

Simon. L - Singapore (Apr. 8th 2020)

Clients come from
over 120 countries


Average monthly
volume traded


Prime brokers based
across 3 continents


Liquidity providers for
best match

Trading Technology

Our speeds can meet the demands of HFTs and latency sensitive automated traders.

  • Low latency infrastructure
  • Execution speeds from <1ms
  • Cross-connects with liquidity providers, ECNs, exchanges and technology providers for the lowest possible latency
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Supported Platforms:

MT4, TradeEvolution, FIX API, Direct ECN

Support OS

Windows, Mac, Web, iOS & Android

Does your broker put your
interests above theirs?

Trade with peace of mind with Global Prime, you come first (and we prove it)