Institutional grade

Take control of your trading and enjoy the same benefits as an institutional trader, with trade receipts.

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80+ Markets
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Performance matters

Don’t settle for 2nd best

How do you measure your broker's performance? How do you determine if their execution is good or bad? How do you determine if they’re doing the right thing with your trades?

If you’re a serious trader who cares about your bottom line then you need the absolute best performance from your broker.

To perform at your best you need absolute transparency over the execution of your trades.

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Once you experience our institutional benefits,
you’ll never go back.

Perform at your best

With institutional grade transparency

We give traders tools which have previously only been available to institutional traders. This is how real traders keep their brokers and trading counterparties honest.

This is how Global Prime gives you the edge over the competition.

You’ll have so much visibility and control over your trades, we’re going to open your eyes to the institutional world, you’ll never go back to trading blind.

We show you which liquidity provider executed your order, the latency for every hop and leg of the trade, the slippage, spread and market depth.

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Automated trade receipts

What does this really get you?

Trade receipts give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we’re trading with and not against you. Analyse vital post-trade information about how well Global Prime is executing your trades and use this to have real dialogue with us, the same as a professional trader would.

  • See how your trade impacted the market, how it executed against available liquidity (VWAP) and any slippage on the trade
  • The spread and order book including all liquidity providers
  • A tick chart showing quotes across multiple tiers before, during and immediately after the trade
  • The liquidity provider who filled the trade
  • Fill speed of both technology and liquidity

Who is Global Prime?

Global Prime is an Australian owned and operated Forex and CFD provider that was founded in 2010 to bring institutional benefits to the individual. We hold financial services licenses with ASIC, VFSC and the FSA.


  • True ECN spreads from 0.0 pips
  • Fast execution speeds from 1ms
  • 80+ Markets to trade
  • MT4, TraderEvolution, FIX API

Easy to deal with

  • Rated 4.7/5 on Forex Peace Army
  • Instant and zero fee funding options
  • No restrictions on trading
  • Microlots + $1 minimum deposit

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