Greg Rubin’s Mentor room

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Greg and his service

Greg is an experienced and knowledgeable trader with an impressive track-record. With over 13 years trading experience across various asset classes he started his career as a prop trader trading fixed income.

He then moved over to the equity side briefly before spending 10 years at a precious metals firm in London. He was Head of Trading and responsible for providing daily market analysis, writing research reports as well as executing trades. He is well respected in the precious metals space and has continually demonstrated his ability to call turns on a micro and macro basis.

Greg draws on his experience and knowledge in the metals complex and stock market indices to provide a detailed service providing analysis across both sectors.

Greg also provides charts for most other asset classes on request from members. Greg shares trading tips and wisdom that he has gained over the years as well as spending ample time focusing on risk management/trading psychology through the use of live videos.

Benefits of joining

Greg's Mentor Room

Learn to trade like a pro

Greg shares his trading methods and helps members master them.

Daily analysis

Greg provides daily market analysis and critiques all charts requested.

Live videos

Chart reviews, trading psychology/risk management and explaining EW.

Trade set-ups

Greg identifies trade set-ups and provides his trades in real time.

Learn from other traders

Members are eager to learn and constantly discuss charts & strategy.

Learn to trade with structure

Greg provides clear invalidation levels and key support/resistance levels.

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What goes on in Greg’s room?

My room is two-fold, I provide thorough daily analysis which includes a daily update (first thing in the morning) for Gold, Silver & SPX. I also provide analysis across many other markets and take requests for any chart members are looking at. I also mention trades that I take and show how I manage them throughout.

From a learning perspective, I have pinned information in my room which includes a book I believe all members should read if they want to study EW. It provides a detailed guide to the theory. I have live videos which explains the framework I use and in essence, I teach how to turn the theory in a tradeable plan. Basically, a system. On the learning side, I do live videos which range from detailed chart analysis, teaching EW basics - General EW discussion & answering any issues that may be arising, and practicing wave counts and Trading psychology/Risk management side. I am extremely active in the room and always assisting members throughout the process.